In our GroovyBabyMusic classes friendships are made among children, bonds are built with teachers, and connections are formed among families. Often families look forward to joining the same class from semester to semester, and year to year, to foster this community. To nurture this we offer priority registration to all current families, enabling them to continue in the same class next semester.

Current families are given first choice to register online to save a spot in their current class, before registration opens to new families. They have received an email or a re-enrollment postcard in class listing a code word to enter to pre-register.

If a current family stays in the same class and they complete the priority registration process, their spot is guaranteed. If a current family needs to switch to a different class time or location, they can request to do so. However, you must list a few choices that work for your schedule, since availability depends on whether or not everyone in that class re-registers. I will do my best to accommodate your first or second choice, and contact you via email once priority registration is complete to let you know which class I was able to fit you into.

Current families are encouraged to take advantage of this priority registration period, since  after general registration opens, classes fill on a first come, first serve basis, and hence, you cannot be guaranteed to get a spot in your current class.