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Here's what parents & kids have been saying about our classes:



"Music Together® is the BEST children's program we've done and noone does it better than GroovyBabyMusic!"

Katherine Coyne

“We’re so fortunate to have such talented, caring, and fun instructors. Thank you for the special kindness and attention you give each child. It does not go unnoticed!”

Jenn Miller

"Chloe just adores your class and so do I! Thank you for providing such a rich musical experience for the children—your lessons are well-planned, well-paced, and fun!”

Jenn McLean

"Laura, thank you so much for bringing music into Lottie's life. It has truly brought her much happiness. The gift you give to children is invaluable."

Elizabeth Collar

“Your class changed our lives. We’re serious! Emma is so enthusiastic about music and now, thanks to the parent education moments you encorporate into each class, we can enjoy watching her music development progress!”

The Larrabees

“Your class is such a pleasure. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious!”

Deb Witner

“These teachers are sincere, fun, and warm. I could write a whole page on how skilled they are with children. As parents, we feel so lucky to have such talented teachers in our lives.”

Sharon Kulick

“Thanks for once again creating a great musical experience that truly is the highlight of our week. Your creativity and passion for music is inspiring!”

Pat Niesoff

“We have seen wonderful results in our child’s music development, and keep coming back for more!”

Francesco Benelli

“These teachers make everyone welcome—the classroom is full of happiness and joy. My daughter immediately gravitated toward the teacher and got into the beat of the music. She now spontaneously sings around the house and experiments with her own tonal patterns. She and I look forward to class each week!”

Martha Sieniewicz

“What talented teachers. They bring a great variety of music for play-alongs and hence, I have learned to appreciate new styles of music. I am especially impressed in their endless patience and cheerfulness. They have an obvious love of young children, and their work!”

Taylor's Mom

“This class is a great balance between music, movement, education and fun. We have done this for over 3 years now and still love it.”

Jen Arms

There is nothing on the planet that makes a Mom happier than to see their children with joy
in their eyes and hearts, and you two are responsible for so much of that.
I thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart!

Karin Doss

“I am convinced that attending Music Together classes has helped to give my son an appreciation for and facility for making music, especially singing, that he wouldn’t have had otherwise. The teacher clearly takes the time to plan lessons carefully and is able to make class fun for everyone—parents as well as kids!”

Nicholas' Dad

You are an amazing spirit and music plays out through my children
every day because of the seeds you planted. Thank you!

Amanda Howes

“Three words: WE LOVED IT!”

Graham's Mom

“Dear Laura, I hope that you could come over to our house for a visit. You and Mirko are my best teachers. We can sing songs and I can show you the flowers in my garden. I love you.”

Louisa, Age 3 1/2

“I was very impressed with every class and think you are both incredible at what you do. Thanks for everything! “

Mara Riff-Melnik

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You have enriched our family’s lives with your music and friendship”

Marianna Hartshorn

“Hudson talks about you all the time! He wants a piano, saxophone, a trumpet, and a “real” guitar for his birthday—do you think your music class influenced him?”

Allison Elebash

"I want to be a music teacher when I grow up, just like you."

Caroline, age 3

"This class is literally the highlight of my week. I look forward to it just as much as my little guy does!" 

Suzanne B

"Thanks again for all you have taught Amy - she LOVES music and we have
you to thank for that!"

Laura Khoshbin

You guys are completely amazing--
of course for your inspiration and example for the kids, but also for your
incredibly musical and talented selves!! We love how you insert songs you wrote in class. For us parents, it is wonderful to come and be a part of such fantastic music-making---
and I know that not just anybody could make this happen. WE LOVE IT!

Erin Lake

I am often telling people how great your classes are, and will continue. Carolyn will be 5 in a month. She just started choir at the church we've been going to and seems to like it. I was pleasantly surprised when she opened her mouth and sang in front of the whole congregation (as part of a choir of about 10) in January after just a couple of rehearsals. I thought she would be too scared and just stand there! She has been watching musicals like the Sound of Music and says she wants to be in front of an audience. I asked, "singing, dancing, or acting?" and she said "all of them!"

We still play the Music Together CD's and sing the lullabies at bedtime-- especially The Water Is Wide, Shenandoah, and Shady Grove. I've got a few songs from MT that I've modified by putting Jay's name in them; he smiles and laughs when he hears me sing his name.

Music Together enriched our lives so much, and continues to do so.

Wendy Gulley