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There is so much uncertainty as we head into the Fall. GroovyBabyMusic is here to help by providing fun content by our talented teachers to keep you rockin' even after class is over!

Everyone loves our weekly classes, when you and your child(ren) can virtually meet face to face with one of our fantastic teachers and connect with other kids to sing, dance, and jam. But in these times, we wanted to give our families something more! Our GroovyBabyMusic Families Private Group was created to give you lots of entertaining, high-quality content you can enjoy again and again, giving you endless ways to make musical learning fun! 


We've already posted dozens and dozen of videos, so there's never a dull moment at GroovyBabyMusic! Check out our topics (see below), and tune in for live and pre-recorded videos debuting each week! New semester = new content!

Join us!

Here's a sampling of what you and your family will get to enjoy:

Storybook Singalongs
Need a wind down for your kids? Join Emily live from her magic tent as she reads from  a new illustrated book each week and interacts with all who tune in. Her sweet vocals and ukelele chops will enchant you and your little one alike! Fun, relaxing, and perfect for naptime or bedtime.

Hip Picnic Singalongs
Join our talented teacher Meredith and her bandmate Adam for a Hip Singalong that’s not to be missed! Each week they put their own cool spin on favorite Music Together® songs and kid’s classics. Come jam along as they feature different instruments each week to give each song its own unique flair! Check out this free Hip Picnic Singalong.

Lullaby Chillouts
Not just your everyday quiet time; our teacher Nicole transforms familiar pop songs into cool lullabies that parents will love as much as the kiddos! So grab a blanket, your favorite stuffed animal, and chill with us!

Instrument Hangouts
Get ready for learning & fun with the coolest way to get introduced to instruments! In each episode, Meredith and Adam show the kiddos different instruments, explain the origins, and demonstrate the various nuances of sound each instrument can produce. Electric bass, accordion, kalimba, banjo, analog synth... we got it all!

¡Viva la Música!
Each week Mariana explores a different theme to help your child learn Spanish in a fun, musical way. Whether it’s colors, numbers, or animals, this taste of our Spanish immersion program, Canta y Baila Conmigo® will show you how fun music en español can be!

Live Concerts
Get ready to sing, dance, and jive along to your favorite kids’ songs with our beloved teachers! 
Check out this free Summer Singalong.

Friday Night Live Concert Series
We bring the Club home as our talented teachers play their “grown up” music for a Friday Night “In” of entertainment. The kiddos get to see their role models jam, as the parents enjoy the show! So pour a glass of wine for you, and fill up a sippy cup for your little rocker and tune in!

Instrument Making Workshops
Join Mariana as she shows us how to make instruments from items you can easily find at home, so you can fill your playalong box, and jam!

Music Education 101
Have you ever wondered at what age young children learn to sing in tune? Join our experienced early childhood educator and beloved teacher Julie, as she shares information about early childhood music development in a fun, accessible way! Each short parent education video will explain, with song examples, an aspect of early childhood music development to help you get the most out of classes as you accompany your child on their musical journey!

Songwriting 101
Join GroovyBabyMusic Founder, Laura Sabini and her baby girl Cléa, as she demonstrates how special it can be to write a song for your child. Songwriting can be as easy or complicated as you want it to be! With the immediate gratification of giggles, coos, and lasting joy it can bring your child for years to come, it’s a win/win! So, don’t overthink it, just dive in!     

Mini Videos
Join our beloved teachers for these enriching videos as they share spontaneous musical moments with you and your child!

Fun Downloads
Check out our printable and downloadable activities and coloring pages to supplement your child’s musical learning.

GroovyBabyMusic is celebrating its 20th year in 2020
We’ve been around for a while, so we know how to get your kids excited about music. A love for music begins at a very young age and will continue forever- just ask our teachers. They’re all professional musicians who LOVE what they do.