Music Together® Philosophy

Music Together is an innovative, thoroughly researched approach to early childhood music education. Now being taught nationwide, the program began in 1985 as an educativinal project of the Center of Music and Young Children in Princeton, New Jersey.


The program is based on the premise that all children are inherently musical. In fact, research has shown that music is as much a life skill as walking and talking. Positive early music experiences are vital for a child to achieve basic music competence, which is the ability to sing in tune, keep the beat, and participate with pleasure and confidence in the music of our cultures. Our goal is to nurture your child's natural enthusiasm for music and movement during the early childhood years, when, as with language learning, musical aptitude is at the critical stage of most rapid growth. Class activities are developmentally appropriate to support the unique learning styles of each child.


The participation and role modeling of parents and caregivers is essetial to children's musical growth. In a society that no longer supports music-making as an integral part of daily life, Music Together is committed to helping families rediscover the pleasure and value of informal musical activity. We do this by providing children with new contexts and opportunities to experience and express themselves musically alongside their most important role modes: their parents, caregivers, and teachers. Young children instinctively respond to and imitate their loved ones. Thus, the active participation of parents and caregivers - regardless of their musical ability - is an essential part of the rich musical environment we create.


Classes are fun! At Music Together, we introduce children to the joys of making music instead of passively receiving it from CDs, radio, or television. Children learn through play, so our teachers are specailly trained to foster, an enjoyable, easy atmosphere where adults can relax as they play musically with their children. Classes are enriching! Parents learn about their child's music development, both in class, and in the parent guide: "Music and Your Child." By providing a CD and songbook to take home, we also inspire spontaneous music-making as a regular part of your everyday family life!


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