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My youngest daughter and I have been part of the Canta y Baila Conmigoclasses with Maddie Welch since she first began teaching them. We can't get enough and eagerly await each semester, excited to learn new songs with Maddie and to have a new CD to enjoy. Maddie's music is the only music that my entire family loves listening to, and my husband and I often marvel at the variety of musical styles and songs Maddie is able to sing with beauty, passion, and joy.  My daughter and I look forward to class each week and feel energized by the warm and fun atmosphere Maddie creates.

We are both learning Spanish as we learn the songs and act some of them out as we sing. Maddie speaks in Spanish to us, with occasional English in the beginning when necessary, and uses body language, fun dance moves, and a variety of instruments to help us feel the music and understand the history and meanings of the songs we sing.  I enjoy reading the song book, which includes the histories and origins of many of the songs as well as guitar chords and an English translation section, which my older girls like to study to learn what we are singing about in the car.  The curriculum also includes Spanish rhymes and many of the songs introduce familiar vocabulary that I can refer to in daily life to help reinforce the Spanish my children are picking up form the music. I am learning to play guitar myself, and enjoy playing some of the songs at home.

I feel so fortunate to be learning and singing with Maddie in this wonderful program she has created. We hope to see Canta y Baila Conmigocatch on across the country!

-Amy Newton, mother of 3


What a treasure we found in Canta y Baila Conmigo this year. When we began the program in September, I had no idea ho much my kids were going to learn and how much fun they were going to have. With a son and daughter two years apart, it is not immediately clear what activity they might BOTH enjoy together, but we certainly found it. The hours of enjoyment they have found at home playing "music class" and just "jamming" with each other to Canta y Baila Conmigosongs are countless. Maddie's enthusiasm for the music and Spanish language is infectious and watching the kids respond to the lesson plans in class and repeat them at home is a joy. From the hand motions and dance moves, to the intonations of the language and lyric variations, they absorb it all and make it their own.

We found the class welcoming to native an non-native Spanish speakers alike, and I love that the kids have become so intersted in the language and have been able to retain so much vocabulary from the music. The class has been a wonderful "jumping off point" for our family's journey towards learning Spanish. The music and arrangements were perfectly selected and the family never tired of hearing Maddie's voice---in fact, they only want to hear "Maddie's songs" as they fall asleep each night. Thank you for putting such a fabulous program together. We love Canta y Baila Conmigo

-Ali, mother of 2