RHYTHM KIDS™ has two types of classes so everyone can have fun and get drumming!

RHYTHM KIDS™ (Age 3-5)-Drum Like an Animal
Drum Like an Animal is RHYTHM KIDS™ for Preschoolers! Class involves drumming, singing, dancing and age-appropriate, but equally as fun, music games. This is way more than just a drumming class with our main focus being to develop rhythm using the voice, the body, and the instrument. Our class format and activities strengthen and draw out a child's natural sense of rhythm while they have FUN!. Caregivers attend and drum along with us! 

RHYTHM KIDS™  (Age 5-10)-Big Kids
This classic class is a dynamic and innovative program for children age 5-10. After Music Together® classes and before a child is ready for private lessons, RHYTHM KIDS™ is the next step in a child's musical development. This program helps children integrate and assimilate rhythm into their lives. With a lighthearted and innovative teaching approach, children (ages 5 to 10) learn multicultural music, rhythms, movement and drumming all while they HAVE FUN! Caregivers drop off their children for this class, but are welcome to come drum with us at the end of class each day.