Music Together® Preschool


Children "bring the music home" to their parents through the family CD and songbook.  Many preschoolers teach their parents the songs and activities and pretend to be the "music teacher" for the rest of the family.  Parents are encouraged to read the sections of the book on music development and to try the activity suggestions in the family songbook.

Through Music Together, many adults rediscover their own pleasure in making music, enhance parenting skills that support their child's learning, and increase the repertoire of activities that are fun and educational for the whole family.

The Music Together teacher and the classroom teachers also work together to create convenient opportunities for parents to experience the activities in school, including classroom visits and special parent events.

Because of Music Together's unique traditions of adult inclusion and family music activities for all ages, the entire school community ---parents, children in various classes, staff, visitors---learn the same songs.  A shared repertoire of songs and activities becomes part of the school culture---on the playground, at assemblies, and on field trips. Any time members of the school community are together music becomes a unifying and enjoyable aspect of life.